2010 Census

Lynx delivered hard to count areas to the U.S. Census Bureau for the 2010 Census via a first-of-its-kind marketing campaign.

The problem

The U.S. Census Bureau via the national 10-year Census misses high proportions of racial and ethnic minorities and low income households. The Census Bureau identified the location and characteristics of communities that were at greater risk of being undercounted and designated these low response areas as “hard to count” (HTC).

The solution

Lynx Hispanic Marketing developed and activated the Independent Grocers Project where 2010 Census awareness signage was placed and promotional material delivered to over 10,000 independent ethnic markets in HTC areas across the U.S. These ethnic groups covered Hispanic, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Russian and Vietnamese.

No other agency or supplier created and executed a program like this for the 2010 Census.

Key components of the campaign:

  1. Lynx customized its extensive database of over 25,000 grocery and convenience stores (a.k.a. Lynx DIG list – Database of Independent Grocers) to target independent ethnic markets in the HTC communities as designated by the Census Bureau.
  2. The Lynx network of 500+ field representatives canvased HTC neighborhoods in all 50 states placing signage and promotional materials in key ethnic markets, establishing partnerships with store owners, and interacting with store customers to reinforce the positive community impact of the 2010 Census. Signage was placed in their respective languages in the following key ethnic HTC markets: Hispanic, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Russian.
  3. The Independent Grocers Project was an extremely “time sensitive” campaign and Lynx executed the total program in 8 weeks to meet 2010 Census deadlines.
  4. Proof of performance was provided in “real-time” to the Census Bureau via a secured client website. Completed stores were uploaded daily to the site, featuring full color photos of signage placement, store owner/manager signatures, and store information.

The results

Lynx Hispanic Marketing successfully placed 2010 Census signage in over 10,000 independent ethnic “trusted community” stores in key HTC neighborhoods and met all project objectives and deadlines. This grassroots campaign significantly added to and enhanced the media campaign that was being done concurrently. Lynx provided the personal connection and established store owners and managers as good will ambassadors to reinforce the 2010 Census message seen on billboards and commercials.

Map of 10,000 stores delivered during 2010 Census Independent Grocers ProjectMap of 10,000 stores delivered during 2010 Census Independent Grocers Project

Great awareness was accomplished at a low cost. 3 million ethnic adults per day were exposed to 2010 Census signage.

  • Lynx reached 12 million ethnic (unduplicated) adults (age 18+) over a given 2-week period.*
  • Cost was pennies per unduplicated adult who saw signage.
*Source: Census 2010 project survey