Lynx helped Panasonic become a major player in the Hispanic market.

The problem

Panasonic was very good at general market campaigns, but had never engaged the Hispanic market. With a large and active network of Hispanic focused retailers in Los Angeles, they saw the need and reacted to it. Lynx Hispanic Marketing assisted in developing and activating a campaign that consisted of a celebrity spokesman, store demonstrators, a TV campaign, and out-of-store event marketing.

Key components of the campaign:

  1. Manny Mota, Los Angeles Dodger Legend, was brought in as the spokesman and center of the campaign, appearing in TV ads and in-store autograph appearances.
  2. Weekend in-store demonstrators in Hispanic market stores.
  3. Event marketing at community activities, including non-profit events.
  4. Spanish language P.O.P. displays.

The results

The program worked exactly as intended, and helped Panasonic succeed in introducing and selling the new camcorder into the market. Sales of the camcorder rose over 30% in the first year, and continued to grow over the next four years. In addition, the exposure of the brand name carried over to other Panasonic products. Panasonic has been a major player in the Hispanic market due to this campaign.