Lynx helped Purina reach the Hispanic consumer, increasing sales over a 5-year period in selected stores.

The problem

Purina saw the value in reaching the Hispanic customer. After little success in a media-only campaign, Lynx Hispanic Marketing developed and activated a “Full Contact” campaign. We regionalized the media, focusing the dollar only where the Hispanic population was high. We also located the stores that were in Hispanic neighborhoods. We added an in-store component of demonstrators and Spanish language displays. We also engaged the consumer at community events such as local fairs.

Key components of the campaign:

  1. Tied media schedule and in-store activities together.
  2. Tied activities to special high purchase time frames, such as holidays and “Payday Fridays”.
  3. Developed and activated communication network for Purina direct sales force and retail buyers.
  4. Tracked incremental sales at targeted stores using before and after inventories.

The results

The program was very successful, increasing sales of 10% to 25% over a five-year period in the selected stores. The promotional funds went further because they were targeted only at the locations that would respond to Spanish language marketing. We also helped create a connection between the Brand managers and the sales force, which helped facilitate a two way dialog that needed improving. It was the connection that allowed the free exchange of ideas that helped the program adapt to changes and grow.