Our 5-Step Process

Lynx uses a holistic approach to developing and activating your Hispanic marketing campaign.

Lynx Hispanic Marketing uses a 5-step approach, starting with a complete study of your current situation, develop the program, and constantly adjust and evolve. Our focus is on developing a plan that is measurable, and delivers real ROI.



We start by learning as much as we can about your company, your current direction, and your market. We also use our patented system to pinpoint exactly who the target Hispanic demographic population for your product is, and where they live and shop. This analysis is custom designed for your brand, because we recognize that the Hispanic market is diverse. One size does not fit all. A national TV ad campaign is not the most cost effective way to reach the Hispanic consumer.



Using the information we gather, we work with your sales and marketing teams to develop a program that engages everyone, from your office to the stockroom staff of your channel partner. Our programs are holistic, integrating all of your assets into one coherent message. In the end, the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.



Once your plan is written and approved, we act as your turn key partner. We control every detail of the plan to make sure it executes exactly as written. We keep an open line of communication with your team, guaranteeing everyone is fully engaged and involved. Everyone in the chain will know their role and the route to success.



Once your program has been activated, we gather all of the data involved. We create a comprehensive report reviewing all of the relevant statistics, including sales figures, attendance, response rates, and consumer data. With this information, we are able to accurately judge the level of success we achieved against the goals set.



The next step is to develop recommendations, modifications, and additions to your plan using the information we gathered. We constantly strive to improve and grow your marketing plans to respond to market forces and changing trends.