Incremental sales with the Lynx Incremental Volume Evaluation (LIVE) process by focusing on the correct segments of Hispanics.

The Targeted Approach

Many companies make the mistake of starting their Hispanic marketing campaigns by using national media. This can be expensive, and tends to not be very effective. Lynx Hispanic Marketing recommends that proper research be done, to find the heaviest concentrations of Hispanics, from overall markets to specific neighborhoods and store locations. We use a method that allows us to find the right assimilated level(s) of Hispanics for your specific brands. By fully understanding who the people are in any given market and neighborhood, we are able to assist you in creating a campaign that is targeted and effective, making your marketing dollars go further.

Major Hispanic Segments:


  • English dominant
  • American born 3rd+ generation


  • English preferred, some Spanish
  • Born in U.S. 2nd generation


  • Bi-lingual (or nearly)
  • Immigrant as child


  • Spanish preferred (some English)
  • Immigrant as adult, in U.S. for 10+ years


  • Spanish dominant (nearly no English)
  • Recent immigrant

Delivering ROI

Understanding the nuances of the market helps us build a cost effective, targeted campaign that reaches only the people you wish to communicate with. This assures you a robust, effective campaign that maximizes your marketing dollars. Proper research helps us create a targeted campaign, which will deliver the best possible ROI.