Make Lynx the hub of your marketing efforts.

Lynx Hispanic Marketing will work on your behalf to pull together all of the different activities in your organization, and unify them into one cohesive Hispanic marketing plan. We roll it out, and then watch the sales roll in.

Lynx Hispanic Marketing Activity WheelThe Lynx Hispanic Marketing “Activity Wheel”

You have a greater chance of your Hispanic marketing campaign succeeding when you utilize all of the available tools. We act as your hub, working with each department to find out what they have available to add to a promotion. Our “Activity Wheel” is a graphic example of the different parts of your organization that we engage on your behalf.

Media Schedules

We work with your media department to line up your on-site activities with your media buys.

Outside Sale Staff Communications

We set up and maintain a communications network for your outside sales staff. We keep them updated on all activities, and assist them with retailer calls.

Retail Relationships

We create turnkey events at your retailer’s locations, which create incremental sales, without creating extra work for them.

Product Messaging

We coordinate with your brand managers to make sure that all of your events have the latest product message.

Out-of-Store Events

We find high traffic Hispanic events in the community, design and manage the presentation. We will coordinate with your outside sales force to tie in a retailer. Our system of crowd engagement analytics will deliver you data to judge the effectiveness of the event.

In-Store Activities

From demo and sampling, to in-store static display creation and placement, we do it all. We create interesting and engaging activities that are guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Public Relations

We coordinate your events with your PR department, working to secure media exposure whenever and wherever we can.